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Hello and welcome. I hope you find what you are looking for. If I can be of any assistance, please contact me on:


I am a writer of contemporary speculative fiction and social science fiction. Like the proverbial moth, I'm often drawn to the bright and incandescent nature of empirical science and futures technology. These often form strong themes in the stories I write. Somewhere, there is always a consideration of scientific workings or research to underpin my tales.

I hold a critical-creative PhD in Creative Writing and Science Communication from the University of Winchester, England. My main research practice resulted in a linked collection of short stories, novelettes and novellas as contemporary speculative fiction, around a theme of genetic engineering. The critical work examined the place of contemporary speculative fiction and the processes of writing creatively about the business of doing science.

I am an experienced and fully qualified university lecturer in film and television production, along with creative writing.

My writing has been published by Thursday Identity, Holdfast Magazine, The Honest Ulsterman (HU), Written Tales, Razur Cuts, Number Eleven and The Ham.


I have images in The Ham, Razur Cuts, on twitter (@mollusc101) and various music-related websites including Tenek, Moles, Tax the Heat, Knock Off, UK Subs and Department S.

Published by The Honest Ulsterman (Oct 2016), 'The Nature of Transitory Disappearance: Bella's Tale' is an eco-fiction set in the North Sea during the late nineteen-eighties. The narrative speculates on the unregulated environmental consequences posed by unscrupulous global operators, as witnessed first-hand by the eponymous protagonist.

(This story co-exists with ‘TNOTD: Dom’s Tale’, a companion narrative set thirty-years hence. 'Dom's' Tale was published by Thursday Identity, in 2015.

Published by Holdfast Magazine  (#8, Sept 2016),  ‘NUCA: Beginnings in vivo’ is a contemporary speculative fiction in which a research scientist returns to his roots to complete an experiment which could change the nature of human-kind forever, in an imaginative leap for the homo sapiens’ genome.

Re-published by The Ham journal (#2, May 2017, p.65) as 'Another Place: A beginning in vivo'.


(This piece of work is a reduced version of one of the stories from my creative writing research practice.)

Published by Thursday Identity  through Splendid Fred (15 Feb 2015), 'The Nature of Transitory Disappearance: Dom's Talefollows a government scientist as he witnesses a severe and unexpected storm on the North Yorkshire coast, The tempestuous weather results in a curious phenomenon: the instantaneous disappearance of an historic colony of nesting seabirds. As Dom discover, this is the not the only unusual happening as a result of the inclement weather system.

(This story co-exists with ‘TNOTD: Bella’s Tale’, a companion narrative set thirty-years before. 'Dom's' Tale was published by The Honest Ulsterman , in 2016.


Published by The Ham journal (#1, Dec 2016, p.56), 'A Night Before They Were Kings' is a creatively-realised first-hand memoir of the inaugural UK gig of a talent destined to become for a short while, the biggest band in the world.

Published in Razur Cuts III (July 2017), An evening with The Cure’s Lol Tolhurst: Lol describes his Cure’ offers a look at the launch of Cured: The Tale of Two Imaginary Boys.

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Published by The Ham journal (#1, Dec 2016, p.59), 'ABEREIDDI' is an image which conjures up feelings of wrapping up in warm layers against biting cold and savage winds of winter beach-walks in south-west Wales, of isolation, of  family, of friends, of being free in the wet and the wild.

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